FaT TrAk making a beat with the MPC 2500.

FaT TrAk's from the MPC 2 coming soon!

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FaT TrAk making a beat at Purple Door Studios in Seattle in front of Jake One, Vitamin D, Justo from the Physics, EA, Seth The Engineer & Keith Gledhil from The All Star Opera..... During this session I had a chance to show my entire instrumental album to Jake One, Justo, Vitamin D and the Purple Door studio crew get some feedback and create about four beats which made the album. Here is a beat I made after the album listening session...

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FaT TrAk making a beat at Purple Door Studios for his instrumental album "FaT TrAk's from the MPC" dropping November 23, 2016. Keith Gledhill on the base and Seth from Above from All Star Opera in the session.