***For any of the services below please fill out the "contact" form for a quote***



License quality driven compositions from FaT TrAk

All compositions will be WAV files (no MP3)

Exclusive & Non exclusive compositions with PRO split 50/50

Full album projects

Album will have a consistent feel

No cookie cutter compositions

Exclusive to artist with PRO split 50/50

***Mixing at an additional cost***


Online mixing service utilizing the following equipment:

    • Pro tools
    • Neve 1073
    • API 500
    • Ssl g series
    • LA2A
    • 1176 black face
    • Pultec eq
    • Waves plugins (de esser, rEq6, L3, r vox etc)
    • Sound toys (complete bundle)
    • Verb suite classics (fg 3000-3500 expansion)

Ready to hand off to a mastering engineer

Turn around time is two business days

***Songs will need to be sent via google drive with their bpm and all individual tracks either starting at zero or the pro tools ptx file. Send a reference of the original non mixed song***

Mobile Recording

Recording services will be brought to you utilizing the following equipment:

    • Neve 1073 Pre Amp
    • Pro tools
    • AKG C414
    • Aston Origin
    • Studer A800
    • Pop Filter
    • Kaotica Eyeball
    • Universal Audio Apollo

***Mixing at an additional cost***

Private Lessons

Sample Base Production Lessons

Learn the following techniques:

    • Practical listening
    • Chopping
    • Layering
    • Vinyl digging
    • Sequencing
    • Tracking
    • MIDI Sync

Mixing Lessons

Learn the following techniques:

    • Preparation of a mix
    • Dos & Donts
    • Specific VSTs used for mixing
    • Aux set up
    • Automation
    • Bouncing
    • Metadata

***Check out "videos" for an inside look of the class***

Producer Consultation

Consultations on the following topics:

    • Start Up Costs
    • Equipment lists
      • Digital vs Analog
    • Music business tips
    • Setting up
    • ISRC
    • Licensing & placements
    • Continuing education
    • Seminars to attend
    • Listening critiques