FaT TrAk is a music producer from Widefield now residing in Denver, Colorado. He began his career on youtube appearing with friend and mentor Boonie Mayfield. He earned a Bachelor's degree in Music Business at the University of Colorado. He is an alumni for Cre-8 Music Academy at Westlake Studios in Hollywood where he studied Mixing and Mastering. His passion for music has led him to teach a music production class at West Career Academy. He continues to inspire the youth by appearing as a guest facilitator and volunteer at Youth on Record. He's produced two albums up to date. The first "The Meditations of Marcus Arrilius" which was released in 2012 and his most recent instrumental album "FaT TrAk's from the MPC" released at the end of 2016. Both albums earned their own station on Pandora. He represents Colorado for iStandard to help producers be seen and heard.